Rebecca McClure

Originally from Alberta, Rebecca McClure began her singing career at a very young age, crooning cowboy songs while accompanied by her dad on guitar and harmonica. The youngest of five children, she frequently performed in religious venues with her parents and sisters, learning how to harmonize by ear by age 7.

At one point in her mid-teens, she added voice lessons to her musical studies and fell in love with classical repertoire and solo singing. She moved to the West Coast in the mid-90’s to attend the Counselling Psychology graduate program at UBC. Since then, through private voice lessons and participation in different choral opportunities, Rebecca has managed to keep music a big part of her life while juggling family, career, and artistic pursuits.

Currently finishing her fourth year of studying voice with Ingrid Attrot at the VCM, Rebecca was a singer on on The Winterreise Project in 2015, The Dichterleibe Project in 2016, and The Schöne Müllerin Project, 2017. She is thrilled to be adding the Vaughan Williams Project to her roster of musical activities.